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Akyazı Stadium in Trabzon comes to an end

12.11.2016 Up-To-Date News
Ergün Turan, President of the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ), stated that the works conducted at the Trabzon Akyazı Sports Complex were inspected on-site, and that it is coming to an end.

Drawing attention to the fact that the works of germinating the pitch surface, Turan said "A total of 8.400 sqm of grass have been laid. We are about to start the hybrid grass process on the pitch surface. We are working with a big devotion to complete the final works in our stadium."

Specifying that the ongoing works in the stadium have reached their final phases, Turan continued:

"We have accelerated the finishing works, as well. The scoreboards inside the stadium have been placed. The seats on the stands have also been placed. The electric mechanism, environmental planning and landscaping are also about to be completed. Our stadium will be ready after final touches."

"It will be the apple of Turkey's eye."

Stating that the Akyazı Sports Complex will be the apple of Turkey's eye, Turan said "The Akyazı Stadium breaks grounds by many features it has. It is quite an important work for Turkey's engineering life. We are not only building a stadium, but also quite a beautiful work in terms of architecture. Thus, we are constructing a beautiful stadium both for Trabzonspor and our country.

Turan stated that the Akyazı Sport Complex has been built on a field of 400-decare area with a nearly 200-decare green area and that the social equipment the Akyazı Sport Complex has will function as new living spaces for the people of Trabzon.

"Akyazı Sport Complex will be among the most modern facilities of Europe" Turan said. "Our complex includes 2 artificial and 5 natural grass pitches. Moreover, it also has a camp training center and 1 Provincial Center of Youth and Sports."

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